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Read and endorse the yellow and blue plan

The Yellow and Blue plan is not an official club document.

It is aimed to inspire and reengerise our unique club and make us celebrate our history and engage with our communities.

It began with a small group of us concerned about the future of fan ownership. The four were Mark Lewis, Adam Procter, myself and my brother.

But we fully understood we were not experts and it would be foolhardy for a bunch of 'self appointed' fans to present something based on only slightly more than gut instinct.

Over that time we have gathered the thoughts from dozens of different people and organisations as part of a consultative process.

This includes:

The result is a combination of their thoughts. It is very unlikely any individual group or person will agree 100% with it all.

But what is clear from all is that we need to reenergize ourselves and use our USP as a fans run community club that is unique and different to everything else that is out there in the world of football. Hence this document.

- Niall Couper